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Car rental policy


The New Age Rent Ltd.  (address: 6722 Szeged, Vitéz street 19. basement 1.) (hereinafter referred to as "Lessor") hereby rents out to Renter the overleaf identified vehicle with the overleaf referred fee under these general rental conditions.

1. Definitions

Accident:  an immediate external mechanical force that suddenly affects the vehicle, an event that requires the repair of the vehicle.

Renter:  the person, who has contractual relationship with Lessor according to this car rental policy.

User of the Vehicle:  any person who uses the leased vehicle on behalf of Renter. Solely those persons may drive the vehicle, who are designated in Rental Agreement or in it’s annexes. Renter is responsible for all users and for all occurrent damage caused by them, except the parties make a different arrangement.

Tire damage:: impairment, what requires the repair or replacement of the tires.

Larceny:  damage, deriving from arbitrary theft for the purpose robbery and illegal use, respectively other dilapidation occurred during that time. It is a case in point the theft of the vehicle’s components and accessories, including the dilapidation as a result of the theft attempt, even if the vehicle was found.

If the Car rental policy contains any other command with respect to the Renter, it also concerns all users of the vehicle.

2. The vehicle's receipt, use and return

Renter  is liable for ascertain the condition of the vehicle at the time of receipt. If Renter notices any damage on the vehicle, is liable for brief the represent of Lessor, and take care of recording the fact of damage in written or other form (photo). Property and any other damage deriving from this procedure’s omission debits the Renter.

In the course of the vehicle’s use Renter has to: 

  • comply with every external or internal laws, regulations, highway codes and parking rules
  • use the vehicle and accessories with adequate attention in accordance with instruction manual referring to it’s type
  • handle the transmitted documents carefully and defend them from any dilapidation
  • defend the vehicle with all available resource against larceny, thus close it always except drive even for any little time, do not leave value in the car, park preferably in guarded or closed parkplace, besides demean in the course of parking increased circumspection and expected behaviour

It is forbidden: 

  • to lease the vehicle for other person, except with Lessor’s precedential, written authorization
  • to use the vehicle for driving education
  • to use it for transportation in breach of customs regulations and other illegal transportation
  • to use it for truckage, except in case of vans or commercial vehicles
  • to use it in motor-car events, including competitions of any sort whatsoever, training for competitions, or for test driving
  • to use it for for moving or towing a Vehicle or trailer, unless Vehicle was rented with the express aim of towing by Lessor
  • to use it in case of significant operating abnormalities, for example oil run-off or coolant frostbite
  • to drive or let anyone drive in the state of disorientation or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, sleeping pills, hallucinogens or any other substance that may affect reaction time and consciousness
  • It is forbidden to use the vehicle in following countries without Lessor’s precedential, written authorization:

    Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Albania, former Soviet countries (except Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia), former Yugoslavia (except Slovakia and Croatia).

If Renter uses the vehicle to commit a felony and the competent authority seizes the vehicle, it is qualified as so serious breach of contract, that it causes the immediate termination of contract. If the authority unlocks the seizure of the vehicle, the Renter is no more authorized to use it. Renter is liable for pay price until the date of vehicle’s return from the authority, which is equivalent with the rental price calculation.

Renter receives the Vehicle in perfect technical and aesthetic condition and shall undertake to return the Vehicle in the same condition in which he or she received it - save for the normal tear and wear - including original keys and documents, every tyre, fittings, and complete equipment outfit. The Vehicle shall be returned to Lessor at the place and time specified in the Rental Agreement, in column “Place and time of return according to the agreement”. Renter is liable for refund costs in the case of excessive abrasion deriving from improper usage of the motor vehicle, or special contamination – including tobacco smell, or conditions requiring disinfecting, or drapery cleaning in addition to normal interior cleaning.

Renter acknowledges that in the event that the Vehicle at the termination date is returned - contrary to the terms and condition - out of office hours, Lessor counts 50 EUR return price in addition, and the inspection of the condition of the Vehicle and termination of the Rental Agreement shall take place during office hours of the working day following return. Renter is entitled to be present at the aforementioned events. If Renter is not able to attend, has obligation to photograph the vehicle - it’s each sides and the mileometer - at the time of return thataway the number of the parkplace and the licence number of the besides parking car shall be recognizable. Renter renounces his or her rights to question the statements of the inspection of the condition of the Vehicle and the termination of the Rental Agreement carried out in his or her absence. Renter acknowledges that he or she is held liable for damages incurred during the rental period and established in the course of the inspection of the condition of the Vehicle. Renter shall be held responsible for compensation of the aforementioned damages as set forth in the General Rental Terms and Conditions. These costs shall be endorsed by Lessor in the same way as the rental fee is endorsed even after the termination of the rental period. If Lessor endorses claim for compensation, the Renter is appropriate to dispute the damage formation only in three workday from receipt date of photos and report about the inspection of the condition and in possession of his/her own photos.

3. Rental price, other prices and caution

The Rental Agreement shall take effect according to the prices included the vehicle’s unique Rental Agreement. In case of payment by credit card, the acceptable validity of the embossed card or credit card is equivalent with the expected termination date of rent plus two months.

Renter shall pay a caution  specified in the Rental Agreement on signing the Agreement, which serves as a security for possible damages caused by Renter to Lessor and Renter’s other debts.

Lessor shall not be obliged to repay the caution until Renter’s responsibility for compensation for any damages caused or other debts are not settled, thus Lessor is liable for refund for Renter the received caution’s 50% at the same time with adequate (damage and complication-free) return, until the additional 50% will be refunded on 30th day after the return.

Lessor shall not have to pay interest on the caution. In case of payment by credit card the sum of the caution shall be blocked in the bank account of Renter with the consent of Renter based on the prior permission request submitted to Lessor’s bank. Lessor shall notify the bank about removal of block – if the cautioned amount is not used – at the termination of the rent. In connection with the blocked amount Lessor shall not be held responsible for any banking administration other than notifying the bank about the removal of the block.

As specified in the Rental Agreement – in the event return takes place abroad or inland - and Renter does not return Vehicle to the office designated in the Location of Return box, and even if Vehicle is returned to the designated office but one which is not the same as the office where the Vehicle was rented, Renter shall pay the transportation fee of the Vehicle from the location of return to the office renting out the Vehicle – fee is calculated from depot to depot.

Renter is liable to refund lost day rates incurred by any breach of the vehicle’s Rental Agreement to the applicable charges described in that, transportation and damage repair costs, and administrative expenses (8000 HUF gross - ca 25 EUR).

In the case of excessive abrasion deriving from improper usage of the motor vehicle, or special contamination – including tobacco smell, or conditions requiring disinfecting, or drapery cleaning in addition to normal interior cleaning of the vehicle 19000 HUF gross (ca 60 EUR) are being charged for the extra expenses.

Rental price contains:

  • the price of compulsory insurance
  • an unlimited number of travels on the highways in Hungary
  • costs of repair and oil refill deriving from proper usage and mandatory prescribed (except repairs of damages caused by Renter)

Renter shall pay all operating and other costs (fuel, parking fee, etc.) incurred during the rental period. Lessor counts the cost of refuelling the tank, as well as related services, in the event that the Renter chooses to return the Vehicle with less fuel than that received. The price of refuelling service is more than actual fuel prices. Renter expressly acknowledges and agrees that Lessor is entitled to endorse the costs related to irregular parking (fines, surcharges etc.), and any fines imposed by the public administration in the same way as the rental fee is endorsed even after the termination of the rental period.

In case of Renter choosed payment in Lessor’s office, the reservation can be cancelled free till the vehicle’s receipt. In case of reservations with online payment, the booking can be cancelled free at latest 48 hours before the start day of the rent. Thereafter 50 EUR (default penalty) cancellation price will be counted. In case of booked but not received vehicle will be counted 95 EUR non-attendance price (default penalty). The amount shall be calculated at local currency or - if it is possible - currency of Renter’s bank account, at exchange rate published by Lessor’s bank on the day of transaction.

4. Rental period

Minimum rental period is one day. One rental day has 24 hours, which starts at the time of the vehicle’s receipt date, what is designated in the Rental Agreement, except the parties decide different. If the Vehicle is returned with more than 29 minutes of delay, Lessor shall be allowed to invoice a further day of car rental. If the Renter wishes to extend the rental beyond the term established in the Rental Agreement, Renter shall notify Lessor in person of his or her wish at least 24 hours prior to the termination of the Rental Agreement with the simultaneous payment of the necessary caution if needed. Lessor is not obliged to prolong the Rental Agreement. In case of long-term rent (more than 30 days) the Rental Agreement shall be renewed on the designated date simultaneous to the presentation of the Vehicle.

In case of breach of the Rental Agreement by Renter or in case Renter has not returned the Vehicle in 24 hours following termination of the rent with due cause, Lessor is entitled to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect and take back the Vehicle from Renter even by employing the necessary force. Lessor is also entitled to take back the Vehicle from Renter if Renter does not cover debts even after receiving a written statement from Lessor. Lessor is exempt from the costs of damages, responsibility and fees resulting from taking back the Vehicle, while Renter is not exempt from the rental fee and the possible costs of the taking back of the Vehicle by Lessor. Parties state that in case Renter does not return the Vehicle within 24 hours following termination of the rent, or does not extend the rental, or does not justify his or her reasons, Lessor is entitled to presume that Renter committed embezzlement falling under § 317 of the Penal Code in relation to the Vehicle, and thus Lessor is entitled to file a police report and request a warrant for the Vehicle. Lessor may

5. Renter’s responsibility for compensation

  1. a) Renter is liable for refund the total cost even up to the full value of the Vehicle  and other occurrent costs in case of any breach of Car rental policy, specially in the following cases:

    • negligent, untechnical operation of the vehicle, or it’s overloading
    • Renter uses not the fuel quality prescribed for the Vehicle
    • the vehicle’s negligent guarding and storing
    • in case of trucks damages resulting from the overloading of the cargo area and other damages of the cargo area
    • any damages incurred in the Vehicle during rental period which is not deriving from accident
    • loss of any component, accessories, or equipment
    • fail to reading monthly the odometer in case of long-term rent (more than 30 days)
    • damages because of inappropriate parking or leaving the vehicle opened
    • theft and partial theft if Renter left any of the keys of the Vehicle, the registration certificate or the document suitable for verifying for the authorities the utilisation right in the Vehicle (but the vehicle was found)
    • In case of behaviour or illicit act of the vehicle’s Renter or user, which estops or disbars the insurer’s transaction
  1. b) Renter or user of the vehicle is liable for pay current deductible to compensate damage  (except in cases of point “a”) during the rent period, except if the other party admitted his or her responsibility for the accident. In case of damage of great value (above 1.200.000 HUF gross) Renter is liable for pay 10% deductible. Evaluation of damage happens with Audatex calculation or in virtue of invoice about the repair by commissioner service partner of Lessor. Renter accepts service partner’s calculations for repair. Value of excess can be dimidiated at the same time as the payment of current daily insurance (vid. Super CDR), and the excess can be redeemable against the current daily insurance (vid. Super CDR Plus). Insurance does not cover damages to tires, rims, windscreen, and damages of the interior, in these cases the value of excess is equivalent with the value of the damage, and in case of windscreen damage it is 35.000 HUF.

In case of the vehicle’s theft and theft damage  (if the vehicle was not found) Renter shall be liable for pay the current excess.

In the above mentioned cases the value considered as a basis of excess and compensation means the vehicle’s gross purchase price. In case of the vehicle’s theft Lessor shall be entitled to enforce thus much refuelling service toward Renter, what is recorded in the police report, because Lessor consigned the vehicle to Renter with full tank. Value of excess can be dimidiated at the same time as the payment of current daily insurance (vid. Super Theft Protection) Countenance, validation of claim, to litigate against perpetrator or insurer compose the Lessor’s commitment and cost.

6. Repair of the Vehicle, Warranty

Renter agrees to present the Vehicle at the given place and time for the compulsory technical inspection of the speedometer position indicated in the Revision section of the delivery-acceptance document at the place and time indicated by Lessor. In case of the omission of the inspection Renter shall pay the valid kilometer fee as penalty. Lessor is entitled to claim damages beyond the penalty if the vehicle loses its warranty. You can find out about the valid kilometer fee at Lessor’s office and at www.newagerentkft.hu .

In case of technical failure  :

  • On weekdays, between 8 A.M. and 4 P.M. call +36 30 310 4261. After 4 P.M., on weekends and on holidays Renter shall call +36 30 310 4248 to request action about repair.
  • In case of an unavoidable error, the claim for rescue or vehicle replacement, as well as the claim for rescue in case of a car crash shall be reported to Lessor’s office through phone.

7. Cooperation between the Parties

In the case of road accidents resulting in personal injury or physical damage  Renter shall request the police to take measures and file a police report in case the Vehicle was broken into, damaged, or stolen and submit the relevant document (report, certificate etc.) to Lessor’s office. In case of accidents Renter shall proceed with due care, and do everything in his or her power to clarify the events, obtain all possible data of persons involved in the accident (license number of the other Vehicle, name and address of the owner/driver, name and address of witnesses, site plan, photos). Renter is not entitled to enter into any agreements and shall not admit any responsibility or liability to the disadvantage of Lessor.

Renter shall report all road events related to the Vehicle (crash, breakage of glass, disappearance of vehicle, etc.), possible event related to the irregular parking of the Vehicle (imposition of a traffic fine, notice of payment of parking charge, etc.), as well as the traffic offenses committed by Renter within 24 hours to Lessor’s office. In case of accident or failure Renter shall arrange for the safe placement and guarding of the Vehicle at the expense of Lessor.

8. Miscellaneous Provisions

Renter acknowledges that he or she will treat Lessor’s data as prescribed by the laws  and if necessary it might be supplied to the responsible authorities on request – in cases such as fines imposed by the public administration, parking tickets, surcharges, official requests in case of violation of traffic regulations.

Lessor shall not be liable in any way for gobjects, valuables, cargoes placed in the Vehicle by Renteror for the damages incurred in them or their disappearance. Lessor shall not be held responsible for the consequential damages directly or indirectly caused to Renter as a result of damage or technical fault of the Vehicle. In case of technical fault Lessor reimburses accommodation costs for one day (maximum of 50 EUR) and daily subsistence and expenditure costs for one day (maximum of 25 EUR) to cover Renter’s direct damages.

Lessor is entitled to market services purchased by Lessor as a mediated service unchanged. In case of any late payment by Renter to Lessor, Renter shall pay a late payment fee to Lessor in accordance with Act V of the Hungarian Civil Code. In case of business entity, Renter shall pay 40 EUR of collection flat rate to Lessor. Lessor may deviate from the accounting order of the Civil Code.

The provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code shall govern the matters not regulated in the contract.

In case of legal dispute, the parties shall determine the exclusive jurisdiction of the Second and Third District Courts of Budapest. The contract was signed by the parties after reading and understanding the same as their will. By signing this contract, Renter agrees to the legal consequences of the contract, and acknowledges the receipt of the complete Vehicle filled with gas, lubricant, and coolant, and equipped with accessories complying with Hungarian regulations.